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3 Books for Parents to Read in 2020

I like change.

I like anticipation. 

I like thinking about the year 2020 and all its possibility. 

The keeping of New Year’s resolutions have traditionally not gone well for me (i.e., not ever worked). However, I’ve spent the last few months tucking away ideas to construct a vision for 2020 by reading books that target core areas in my life that I’m hoping to improve upon in the new year.  If you’re hoping to do the same, I have three book for parents to read in 2020.

Perhaps best of all, these books will help you model for your children how to find more balance in your life, and that includes making time for reading.

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Description: In today’s digital age of dings, beeps, and instant gratification, getting distracted is inevitable. Nir Eyal breaks down the problem we face and helps the reader put a plan in place to find traction, not distraction. 

How Indistractable helped shape my 2020 vision: 

  • Designate times for social media scrolling, reading, writing, and lesson planning
  • Protect time most evenings for family reading
  • Establish family food budget guidelines to encourage less waste and fewer meals out

Choose the Life You Want by Tal Ben-Shahar

Description: Tal Ben-Shahar lists 101 choices we often have each day that are worth noticing. After describing each choice, he shares a short story illustrating the power each choice can contribute to our lives. 

How Choose the Life You Want helped shape my 2020 vision: 

  • I can choose to complain about the low teacher pay in Indiana or I can choose to write, march, and be a voice. I can choose to answer emails when my students are occupied or I can engage them in conversation about their book selections. I can choose to attack my reading list while my own kids use their allotted screen time for the day or I can get on the treadmill. My vision includes more awareness of the role of my choices. 
  • My 2020 vision includes students in our school library that exercise the power of choice in book selection, but with an increased focus on using these choices to create more happiness in their lives. The right words at the right times can prove to be armor when we need protection. 
  • My poor decisions often happen in that split second after someone asks me a question. This book taught me to change my language. Instead of having to make a decision, I will choose to simply state that I don’t drink soda, for example, when offered one. 

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Description: Greg McKeown breaks down what we all know deep down and don’t often care to admit it: the more we try to do it all the more we feel dissatisfied and don’t perform well. 

How Essentialism helped shape my 2020 vision: If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one book, this is it. I’ve read it 3 times. I want to read it again as soon as I finish it.  It’s a reminder to slow down and think through how a decision will impact my ability to do the work that matters most to the best of my ability.  

What does your 2020 vision look like? I’d love to hear! 

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