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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Young Readers

There are countless parenting pitfalls that I’ve fallen into. One is stuffing my children’s stockings with plastic junk, courtesy of last-minute, panic-stricken trips to Target and the Dollar Store on December 23. As my children have gotten older, we’ve tried to teach them to place less value on stuff, and more value on new experiences, quality time together, and doing those things you most enjoy. It became very apparent that my stocking stuffers didn’t pass my own sniff test.

Books make a great addition to any stocking, along with other creative items like new crayons, markers, little notebooks to keep by their beds or scattered around the house, and reading-related products. We’ve hand-selected these favorites because they are small enough to fit in most stockings, and yet pack lots of punch in terms of quality, fun reads, and improved literacy skills. Bonus: they’re all less than $15 (most are under $10!)

Mr. Men and Little Miss Book Series

The Mr. Men and Little Miss book series is such a fun collection of small books, especially for teaching children about personality traits and big feelings in a fun, non-pressured way. Pick up a few for their stocking, and if it’s a big hit, consider investing in the box sets. My kids have made their way through these sets many times over.

DK Pocket Eyewitness Books

The DK Pocket Eyewitness books truly do fit in your pocket or a purse. Great nonfiction resource that covers topics related to science, animals, cars, history, and more. You’re sure to find one that relates to your child’s current obsession.

Bedtime Reading Light

A reading light like this is the ideal treat for a child who loves to cozy up in bed to read, an older child who shares a room with a sibling who goes to bed earlier, and for kids who travel frequently and don’t want to miss out on their bedtime reading when stuck in a hotel room or on a darkened plane/car/train (true for moms and dads, too!)

Mark My Time Digital Bookmark

All four Raising Real Readers kids have these digital timer bookmarks and adore them. Reward your child with added time on their bedtime reading, or use it to ensure your child doesn’t stay up too late reading (even we don’t approve of that happening regularly!) My kids even use them to monitor length of turn when sharing a toy or reading with a parent.

Mad Libs

News flash, parents born in the 80s: Mad Libs are still cool! And now you can find them relating to all kinds of popular characters. Such a fun combination of writing, reading, and creativity. Great for road trips and family read-aloud sessions. This is one product that can work across a wide range of ages, too.

Post It Notes

Talk about life’s simple pleasures! Kids adore post-it notes. My children love to leave notes for family members to find around the house, they use them as bookmarks, and I love these water-resistant post-it notes you can take in the bath or shower (kids do their best thinking there, just like adults!)

However you choose to fill your child’s stocking this year, we wish you a wonderful holiday season full of good reads and joyous time spent together as a family.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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